Event Gallery "Social Media: Impact and Response "

Welcoming Dr. Sanjay Biyani
Our Director Sir with prominent speakers
with Japanese guest
With Prof. Kazuko UDA
beautiful rangoli
Welcoming Nagla Sir
Dr. Sanjay Biyani Sir with Prof. Nagla
speakers with chairman Sir and director Sir
Mr. Raman Nanda Sir
Japanese guest
Prof. M.S Trivedi
Graceful dance performance
Manish Sir interacting with audience
with Trivedi Sir
Floral welcome of Prof. Rashmi Gautam
With Nagla Sir
welcoming guest
Interactive session of Manish Sir with UDA Ma’am
Sanjay Sir interacting with Speakers
M.S Triedi Sir interacting with audience
Mr. Nanda interacting with students
Prof. Kazuko UDA addressing audience
Prof. Sanjeev Bhanawat
< Dr. Rashmi Gautam /div>
< Dr. Rashmi Jain /div>
< Ms. Priyanka Chandani /div>
Sanjay Sir with Nanda Sir
Honouring Nanda Sir
Honouring M.S. Trivedi Sir
with Trivedi Sir
Manish Sir with Prof. Rashmi Jain Ma’am
With Dr. Banawat
With Dr. Rashmi Gautam
Social Sciences Team
Team effort