Event Gallery "Climate change impact and response"

Honorable Chief Guest
Foriegn delegates
Traditional Welcome of Esteemed speaker
Our Esteemed Director
Saraswati Aradhana
Saraswati Vandana
Ganesh Vandana1
Dr. Manish Biyani giving opening session
Floral Welcome to Dr. T. Chakradhar
floral welcome to Dr. Anil Chhangani
Floral Welcome to Prof. Akhilesh Surjan
Floral Welcome to Prof. Y. Hinachi
Floral welcome to our Guest of Honour
Mr. Aftab Seth giving presentation on the topic World economy and climate change
Akhilesh sir giving Planery lecture
A Small Talk by Mr. Raghav Prakash
Anchor for the Event
Dr. Anil Chhangani sharing his views on climate change
Dr. T. Chakradhar
planery lecture by Mr. Aftab Seth
Presentation by Deepakshi and Preeti
Mrs. Gratchen
Chandni Giving her presentation
Honorable speakers
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Panel Session
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Presenting memento to Prof. Akhilesh Surjan
Presenting Mementoes to Dr. Anil Chhangani
Presenting mementoes to Doi sir
Presenting mementoes to Prof. Hinachi
Presenting mementoes to Dr. Reepunjaya Singh
Presenting mementoes to Prof A.K. Sinha
Second Technical session
Prof Hinachi chairing First technical session
Prof A.K. Sinha
Reepunjaya sir sharing his views on reviewing climate change
Mr. Joel Gehrig Sir tallking on The cost of sustainable development
Rewarding the Young reserchers
Welcoming Raghav Prakash sir
Rewarding the budding researcher
Young talk by reserchers
Cherishing Memories
Caught in a serious discussion