Prof. Badar Iqbal
 Lecture Title: Experience of multinational corporations (MNC'S) in management
Prof. Umesh Holani
Lecture Title: Accounting Standards.
Prof. Naresh Dadhich
Lecture Title:Gandhi As A Managment Thinker.
Prof. Anil Mehta
Lecture Title:Changing Role Of Human Resources.
Mr. N. M. Sharma
Lecture Title:Ancient Preaching's on management as per holy books.
Dr. Navita Nathani
Lecture Title:Latest Tools and Techniques of Financial Managenet.
Prof. E.V. Gireesh
Lecture Title:Creating Global Managers and Gandian Thought on Management.
Prof. S.P. Garg
Lecture Title:Eminent Indian Gurus on Management and their Contribution.
Dr. Kavaldeep Dixit
Lecture Title:Experience of Indian Companies excelling with foreign collaboration.
Dr. Tanjul Sexena
Lecture Title:Management as conceptualized by eminent foreign management experts and their relevance in current context.
Mr. Sandeep Dutta
Lecture Title:Creating Global Managers.
Dr. Seema Mehta
Lecture Title
:Corporate social Responsibility.