Welcome to Biyani's International Conference in Jaipur, India.

Day 3 - 13 October 2017 (Friday)
Session Title
“Advances in Scientific meditation & Stress Coping ”

 Session 1 : Opening Session

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Michio Nomura
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology,
Kyoto University, Japan

Whether and how a wide range of factors such as developmental, genetic, socio-environmental, and all of these interactive mechanisms are involved in psychological processes underlying emotion and self-regulative process? Prof. Nomura is working to address these questions employing a variety of methods such as brain imaging (fMRI, NIRS), genotyping and behavioral paradigms. In addition to bridge the gaps between psychology, neuroscience and molecular biology, overall goal of the lab is to create a new research field in human sciences. The lab runs the meeting for Social Life Science (SLS) regularly.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Shairly Anna Telles
Director Patanjali Research Foundation

Dr. Shirley Telles completed M.B.B.S. and subsequently M.Phil and Ph.D. in Neurophysiology from the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences [NIMHANS], Bangalore, India. Dr. Telles directs research at Patanjali Research Foundation, Haridwar, India. She has 161 research publications related to the above mentioned areas of research in journals indexed in international bibliographic databases [such as Medline, PsycLit and others], 18 chapters in books and 4 published books. She received an award from The Indian Council of Medical Research, The John Templeton Foundation (www.templeton.org), U.S.A. (January, 2002), and a Fulbright Fellowship (J.William Fulbright Foundation, U.S.A) to study “Functional magnetic resonance imaging in meditators”. Dr. Telles is an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga herself.
 Plenary Session  
Invited Speaker
Kiyoshi Yasukawa
Lab of Enzyme Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Kiyoshi Yasukawa is aiming at elucidating the relationship between structure and function of enzymes at a molecular level and developing new methods for application of enzymes in food and medical technologies by generating new enzyme functions and controlling enzyme reactions. We are focusing our activities mainly on the following subjects. a) Tailoring Function of an Enzyme Used for research and diagnosis; b) Screening of enzyme inhibitors from foodstuffs; c) Control of Reactions by an Enzyme Used for Producing Food Materials; d) Basic Research Aimed at Designing Useful Enzymes.
Invited Speaker
Dr. Mohit Gupta
Professor of Cardiology, GB Pant Hospital
Dr Mohit D. Gupta currently working as Professor of Cardiology in GB Pant Hospital. Youngest member of the faculty, Dr Gupta has a distinct achievement of getting more than 18 gold medals and 5 silver medals in his medical career. He was honored by the hospital for outstanding services to the patients for the year 2005. In October 2006, he has been awarded young scientist of the year by association of physicians of India. He was recently awarded with Prestigious “Agra-Ratna” award by Honorable Chief minister of Delhi for distinguished medical and social services to the society. He has more than 30 publications in journals of national and international repute and more than 130 abstractsStrong advocator of spirituality, Dr Gupta has been associated with Brahma Kumaris world spiritual university from his childhood and practices rajayoga meditation daily. He has given more than 500 lectures and conducted symposias all over the world (In USA, UK, Europe and universities like Oxford and Cambridge University).
Invited Speaker
Miho Suzuki
Assistant Professor,
Functional Molecular and Biomolecular Engineering,
Saitama University, Japan

Invited Speaker
Prof. E. V. Girish
Corporate Trainer, Life Coach & Freelance Trainer

Prof. E.V. Gireesh is well-known for his unique style and ability to inspire people. He has conducted many seminars and programs as social service at various colleges, Rotary Clubs and various Government institutions in India. Prof. Gireesh is also Rotarian and has been associated with Brahma-Kumaris World Spiritual University for past 17 years. He is an Internationally Certified User of Thomas Personal Profile Analysis, which provides “Behavioral Assessment' of an individual and Human Job Analysis, provides a 'Behavioral Benchmark for a job-role”.
 Session 3 : Technical Session
Dr. Priyanka Dadupanthi
Head Dept. of Science
Biyani Girls College Jaipur
Dr. Satish Gupta
Head Dept. of Nursing
Biyani Girls College Jaipur

On the behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to this enriching event and look forward to your participation in this personally and professionally Knowledge-cantric event, organized in the midst of the cultural hub of North India – the ‘Pink City’:Jaipur.

Best Wishes,
Shri. Rajeev Biyani (Chairman)
Dr. Sanjay Biyani (Director, Academics)
Dr. Manish Biyani (Director, R & D)